Our Impact
Mallishwari hails from Nandigama village of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. She was born into a large poor family and her parents were not able to send her to school. At the age of fifteen, Mallishwari was married off to Nagayya of Nakakallu village. Even after marriage, her financial condition failed to improve. In course of time, they had two children – a boy and a girl.

Mallishwari always dreamt of providing education to the children. To improve the family’s income, they wanted to start a small business of their own but lacked the necessary capital. It was around that time, Mallishwari was introduced to SHARE. She joined SHARE and took a loan of Rs 2000 to
set up a petty shop selling snacks.

That was ten years ago. Today they own a house, possess one acre of land and run their own business. They lead a comfortable life and are in a position to provide good education to their children. Mallishwari and her husband are grateful to SHARE for helping them transform their lives.
Chandragiri Lingamma
Chandragiri Lingamma was the second child of Jangaiah and Lakshmamma of Samsthana Narayanapuram village in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh. She spent her childhood in poverty helping her father both in agriculture and in chappal making, their family’s tradition.

She was married off at the age of fourteen to Yadagiri, a cobbler. The couple was soon blessed with five children, two boys and three girls. They could afford to send only their younger son to school. The elder son became a helping hand to his father. Chandragiri got her two elder daughters   married off using the little earnings   she got from her son and husband.  One day her
husband died all of a sudden and she found it very difficult to make both ends meet. Around that time she happened to hear about SHARE. After six months of her husband’s death, Chandragiri took her first loan from SHARE to start a small footwear shop.  She has been with SHARE for the last six years and today   she employs four workers to help her in the business.

She has so far recommended 62 clients to SHARE to help them improve their lives. At present she owns property worth Rs.1.75 lakh and is planning to expand the footwear shop into a showroom. Chandragiri is grateful to SHARE for saving her family and keeping her free from financial constraints.
Bathula Vijaya
Bathula Vijaya was born in Macharla town of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. Her parents were daily labourers. In spite of their meagre income, they managed to educate her till Intermediate. Then they married her off to Yasudaya of Chilakaluripeta, a daily labourer at the age of 18.

Soon after, they were blessed with two sons. Since their financial position was not stable, they had to continue to stay in a small hut. It was around that time Yasudaya began to sell pickles to augment their earnings. They were also trying to get a loan to invest in the pickle business. On being told about SHARE, Bathula attended one of its meetings conducted at Chilakaluripeta. She
enrolled herself as a member. She took Rs 6,000 as her first loan and invested the amount in the pickle business. Soon, their business started to flourish.

Unfortunately while they were in the fourth year of their relationship with SHARE, Yasudaya met with an accident. Out of the earnings from the business, Bathula managed to pay the hospital charges and also the loan installments without any difficulty. Today Bathula has her house renovated; she is able to send her children to an English medium school; and she has diversified her business to sell spices along with pickles. She is grateful to SHARE for helping her become financially comfortable.
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