Our Approach


As observed by Dr. Yunus, "...basic ingredient of overcoming poverty is packed inside each poor person. All we need to do is to help this person to unleash this energy and creativity.... Only place in the world where poverty will exist will be in the museums and no longer in human society."

SHARE strongly believes in the above ideology. Over the years, SHARE initiated several developmental activities to empower its clients with tools, essential to improve the quality of their lives in order to sustain a healthy economy and environment.

☆ Empowering women to Lead :

In order to enhance the living conditions of its clients and their families, SHARE participates in a range of social initiatives, fostering the development of the communities in which SHARE operates. SHARE organizes various programmes and workshops for its clients designed to build awareness on various aspects of social development such as children's education, health, nutrition, non-formal education, adult literacy and sanitation. In addition, SHARE conducts training programmes for its staff on teaching and motivational skills so that they can provide services to the clients in most effective manner.

☆ Support Education :

SHARE with an objective to encourage elementary schooling amongst underprivileged children, extended support to government schools by providing basic amenities such as small water tanks, black boards, tables and stationary materials such as books, pens, pencils for the students.

☆ Health Camps :

SHARE, with an intention to create health awareness among its clients, organized various health camps such as Eye Check-up, General Health check -up and Dental Checkups at various rural and semi urban parts of India. SHARE, conducted these health camps in collaboration with renowned medical institutes and government hospitals.

☆ Skill development Programs :

Recognizing the need to enable students to unlock their potentials and acquire the skills essential for their overall growth. SHARE, conducted various Skill development programs such as Quiz, Painting, Essay Writing and Elocution for school students. Awards and Certificates were also distributed to best performers as Token of Appreciation.

☆ LELA project

SHARE seeks to see a society that supports and encourages rural business woman in her career aspiration and places no limits on where her skills and energy can take her. In this view, SHARE with an intention to create an environment to awaken the intrinsic aspirations and abilities of poor rural women, implemented LELA project with the support of SIDBI.

SHARE executed LELA (Livelihood Enterprise and Learning Advisors) project for capacity building of Women Micro Entrepreneurs for which Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a grant financed by Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction. The project was implemented by SHARE, under, "Supporting Micro entrepreneurship for Women Empowerment", in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The objective of the programme was to provide advisory and support services to women entrepreneurs and facilitate access by poor female micro-entrepreneurs to an appropriate range of information and services supporting microcredit.

Our LELAs, provided the following assistance to our women clients:

  • Assisting and identifying the female micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Helping in capacity development of the women accessing credit.
  • Encourage women clients to discuss their business with fellow clients.
  • Ensure proper use of credit.
  • Advice the women in running their enterprise.
  • Building relationships of trust with female entrepreneurs and obviate the need for collateral on part of the lenders.

SHARE's contribution through Lela project intended to underline the requisite of providing rural women entrepreneurs an opportunity to express their needs and endow them with financial training services, contributing to women empowerment and financial inclusion.

☆ Other Initiatives

SHARE, actively reaching out to flood affected victims by distributing food, water and other essentials

SHARE, as part of its commitment towards environmental sustainability, organized 44 plantation programs and conducted clean and green and energy saving programs in various parts of India.

SHARE, educating its clients on several social impact awareness activities such as Health, Cleanliness, Save Electricity, Illiteracy, Savings, Banking and Credit Bureau in various villages of India.

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