• In August 2009, Credit Analysis and Research Limited (CARE) assigned SHARE the microfinance institutional grading of ‘MFI 1’, the highest grading (on a five-point scale from ‘MFI 1’ to ‘MFI 5’ with ‘MFI 5’ being the lowest) ever issued to a microfinance institution in the country. CARE assigned the rating after assessing the operational and financial capability of SHARE to undertake and sustain the targeted level of operations under a four-point framework of transparency, operational set-up, scale of operations and sustainability.

  • Similarly SHARE received the Corporate Sector Microfinance Institutional Rating from ICRA, one of the premier rating agencies in India and an associate of Moody’s Investor Service, in February 2009 for one year. ICRA assigned SHARE a MFI grade of ‘M2’ on the scale of ‘M1’ to ‘M5’, with ‘M1’ being the highest possible rating. ‘M2’ reflects the MFI’s ability to manage its microfinance activities in a sustainable manner is high.

  • ICRA assigned LBBB+ (pronounced L triple B plus) rating to the long-term bank limits of SHARE. The rating indicated moderate-credit-quality rating. ICRA also assigned an A2+ (pronounced A two plus) rating to the short-term bank limits of SHARE. A2+ indicated above average-credit-quality rating.

  • In October 2009, SHARE ranked among the top 3 MFIs as per CRISIL's top 50 MFIs in India.

  • SHARE ranked 12th, In the '2009 MIX GLOBAL 100 composite' ratings for MFIs.

  • During the Financial year 2009-2010, SHARE was recognized as, the 1st MFI to raise Tier II capital (sub-ordinate debt) of Rs. 100 crore through the NCD route.

  • During the Financial year 2009-2010, SHARE was listed on the Wholesale Debt Market Segment of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).


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